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ALCPT Examples -12

  1. There are few mountain peaks in texas.
    a. three of them
    b. many
    c. not much
    d. not many
  2. Uniforms are mandatory in class.
    a. optional
    b. must
    c. choiceable
    d. depends on you.
  3. He will _____________a speech.
    a. make
    b. do
    c. want
    d. gain
  4. Are you going to pass on the exam?
    a. yes, I thinks so
    b. yes, I imagine so
    c. yes, he is going
    d. yes I believes so.
  5. I ‘ m not a pilot.__________ am I.
    a. neither
    b. either
    c. so
    d. also
  6. They go to movies off and on.
    a. usually
    b. sometimes
    c. rarely
    d. always
  7. This watch needs ____________.
    a. to fix
    b. fix
    c. fixing
    d. be fixed
  8. __________ case of fire, pull the knob.
    a. on
    b. in
    c. at
    d. off
  9. The slacks are on sale.
    a. for sale
    b. four sail
    c. at a reduced price
    d. cheap
  10. When did you turn in last night?
    a. go to bed
    b. came back
    c. be on time
    d. submitted
  11. It is good to make reservation in advance.
    a. on time
    b. at the station
    c. already
    d. beforehand
  12. There are many huge buildings here.
    a. strong
    b. very large
    c. apartment
    d. private
  13. He accepted the present____________ pleasure
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. with
  14. There are many rigid traffic rules.
    a. unnessary
    b. necessary
    c. strict
    d. punishable
  15. The car stalled on the highway.
    a. stopped
    b. turned over
    c. slowed down
    d. slipped
  16. He managed to start the car.
    a. may
    b. could
    c. can
    d. might
  17. Neither he ______________his parents are coming.
    a. nor
    b.. or
    c. both
    d. either
  18. Would you mind _____________ the door?
    a. to open
    b. opening
    c. open
    d. opened
  19. I arrive _________ the station at 6 o’clock.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. from
  20. I usually go by bus.
    a. off and on
    b. occasionally
    c. rarely
    d. most of the time


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