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ALCPT Examples -10

  1. Where did you wind up last night ?
    a. in a hospital
    b. to the clock
    c. No, I didn’t
    d. I did wound up in home.
  2. Did she say he would come?
    a. yes, he would
    b. yes, she would
    c. no, she would
    d. yes, she did
  3. Is he a fast driver?
    a. no, he is slow
    b. yes, she comes fast
    c. yes, he drives fast
    d. she sometimes rides a bus.
  4. He wears his hair down his ears.
    a. he has long hair
    b. he cuts his hair long
    c. he has the barber cut his hair long.
    d. he has long sideburns.
  5. What do the streetcars use?
    a. fuel
    b. electricity
    c. vapor diesel
    d. stream power.
  6. If you have a__________ . You can travel without pay.
    a. money
    b. money order
    c. check
    d. transfer
  7. You pay a few cents for a transfer.
    For what do you pay a few cents?
    a. a bus
    b. a transfer
    c. a game
    d. a show
  8. Can’t you come with me?
    a. Yes, I do
    b. Yes, I’m not
    c. No, I’m not
    d Yes, I can
  9. You went to the movies with him, _________
    a. did you?
    b. don’t you?
    c. doesn’t he?
    d. didn’t you?
  10. He decided to go at last.
    a. end
    b. at bottom
    c. finally
    d. in the back of
  11. He dated his letter on the ___________ .
    a. twenty-first
    b. twenty-one
    c. sunday
    d. last night
  12. Many countries have kings but not _______ .
    a. president
    b. ministers
    c. teachers
    d. cowboys
  13. Who protects the country?
    a. women
    b. Armed Forces
    c. rangers
    d. policemen
  14. The commander gave a/an ________.
    a. speech
    b. speak
    c. order
    d. sayings
  15. I wish I __________ more English
    a. know
    b. have known
    c. had known
    d. knowed
  16. Will you please do me a_________?
    a. favor
    b. favoritte
    c. favorable
    d. cake
  17. Henry cought __________ badly.
    a. a fish
    b. cold
    c. the police
    d. his mother
  18. Those two books are close _________ .
    a. next to
    b. near
    c. together
    d. ranges
  19. In many cities they don’t charge people for __________ .
    a. crimes
    b. a bus
    c. a restaurant
    d. schools
  20. My friend always makes me ________ .
    a. study
    b. studies
    c. studied
    d. studying


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